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Buying a Website

Buying a Website

In addition to the website you will also be getting the domain name too when you buy one of our lead generation websites. There are a few more steps involved in buying a website … [Read More...]

Buyer and Seller Protection

Buyer and Seller Protection

We have a separate article on how you can use multiple domains to your benefit (there are many). For that article click here. Let's say you decide to buy an additional domain, … [Read More...]

Multiple Domain Profits

Why Use Multiple Domains?

Get laser targeted prospects and leapfrog your competition. Get more highly targeted visitors to your website for less money than you can imagine. Some Facts to Get Started From … [Read More...]

Marketing Articles


Are You a Survivor?

The change from 'traditional media' like newspapers and Yellow pages to digital media is a necessity in today's world. Businesses in most local markets have been slow to make … [Read More...]

Customer Resistance

Customer Resistance

There's a lot of internet marketing services available to you but before spending any money on any of those, you should try these first. The first step you need to take to reduce … [Read More...]

Picks and Shovels

". . .I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it." -- Morpheus. "The Matrix" What exactly is selling picks and shovels all about? And more … [Read More...]

Importance of a “GEO” Domain

First we will define exactly what a 'geo' domain is. It is a domain name or website that has a specific area within the name. For example. is an excellent … [Read More...]